Dawn of Peacemakers 2018

A story-driven board game experience

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Contents of the game 🇬🇧

  • 420 cards
  • 1 double-sided game board
  • 2 double-sided side boards
  • 30+ miniatures
  • 30+ custom miniature bases
  • 30+ double-sided terrain tiles
  • 1 custom die
  • Various tokens
  • 1 detailed campaign rulebook
  • 1 detailed skirmish rulebook
  • 1 comprehensive index rulebook
  • Other hidden components
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All Snowdale games also include

  • Free spare parts to replace missing or damaged components
  • Colourblind-friendly components
  • Space for sleeved cards
  • Illustrations lovingly drawn by our artists
  • Support on Discord and BGG
Ages 14 & up
1 - 4 players
60 - 120 minutes
Dawn of Peacemakers is out of print. Check out Peacemakers: Horrors of War for a similar but refined new experience!

Dawn of Peacemakers is an evolving board game with a continuing campaign. Players take roles of adventurers attempting to quell the hostilities between two warring sides. You will have to trust in your fellow players and co-operate with them in order to reach a peaceful conclusion.

The game consists of a number of scenarios which form an exciting story driven campaign. There are multiple secrets and surprises in the box to be unveiled in certain points of the story. This way each game is radically different from the last and no two games feel the same. However, none of the game’s components are destroyed or altered so you can replay any scenario as many times as you like.

Dawn of Peacemakers is set in Daimyria, the same world as both the Dale of Merchants series and Lands of Galzyr. Although, it takes place almost one thousand years before those games, you’ll be able to spot many familiar animalfolks. Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Daimyria?

Players use cards to influence different sides of the ongoing war. Armies and player-controlled adventurers are represented with highly detailed plastic miniatures on a beautifully illustrated game board. All scenarios have their unique map which is built using modular terrain tiles.

Dawn of Peacemakers was released in the fall of 2018.