About us

A Finnish board game publisher

Snowdale Design is a board game studio based in Pori, Finland with the aim of bringing joy to tabletops worldwide. In addition to our core team, we employ freelancers all over the world to help bring our visions come true. You can see the team behind each game on their own pages and full credits in the rulebooks.

We design, develop, and publish our own games. Crowdfunding and the trust of our backers allow us to fund the first print runs of our games.

We frequently co-operate with other publishers to localise our games in languages beyond English.

Business name: Snowdale Design Oy
Business ID: FI29705901

Our team

Sami Laakso

FounderCreative directorIllustrator

Ville Kesänen

SalesCustomer support

Ville Reinikainen


Jesús Delgado


Jordan Lee MacCarthy


Our games

Our games are both loved by the players and acclaimed by reviewers for their elegant gameplay and charming artwork. Our goal is to make innovative games, taking existing genres in new directions or creating entirely new ones.

Additionally, we have a couple of key design principles which can be seen in our games:

  • Thematic: We make our games immersive and memorable by enhancing the gameplay with a strong theme.
  • Bold: Challenging both ourselves and the established norms, we strive to create fresh and unique experiences.
  • Polished: We take pride in the quality of our games, placing great emphasis on playtesting, build quality, and thorough development process.
  • Accessible: We strive to make our games approachable to everyone with intuitive and easy-to-learn rules, fast setup, and thoughtful and colour-blind-friendly graphic design.
  • Non-exclusive: We hope everyone can create memorable experiences and positive memories with our games. They do not have exclusive content which is only available for a limited time.
  • Long-lasting: Our games are designed to be played countless times with high replay value, high-quality components, and features which make the game easy to get to the table.

All our games share a common world of animalfolks, Daimyria. We’re excited to expand Daimyria with each new release, which can take place in an entirely different place, or even time.

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Our creative process

Board games are, among other things, a form of art. Our games feature a great amount of captivating artwork and stories lovingly crafted by our illustrators and authors. We do not use generative artificial intelligence in the creation of our games.

Our very own Earth and its extraordinarily diverse natural world are our inspiration for Daimyria and its animafolks. Species from all over the world and their unique characteristics have become a defining part of our games.

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