Lands of Galzyr – FAQ

Frequently asked questions

This page displays answers to frequently asked questions about Lands of Galzyr. Questions regarding individual cards may contain spoilers and are hidden under a button.

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General questions

Is the road north of Hezembi connected to the city?

Yes. Thematically there’s a ferry connecting the city to the other side of the river.

Card questions

[CRD]026 - Show questions

If I convert a Convince skill check into a Gamble check, am I forced to use the Gamble ability of the card?

No. Verb boxes with light brown backgrounds are optional. Do note that if you decide to convert the check, you are unable to use any Convince verb boxes.

[CRD]053 - Show questions

What happens if I’m already Wounded and would get Wounded again while also having an effect that prevents it (for example, Marlina [CRD]149 or Fashionable Tunic [CRD]100)?

You keep the old status and its remaining timer. The card effect is worded in the same way as the rule about receiving an identical status, but card effects take priority over the rulebook and therefore happen first.

Can I spend 2 gold [GLD] multiple times at a settlement to hasten my Wounded status more than once?

Yes. Card effect usage is only limited during scenes or by the card itself.

[CRD]056 - Show questions

Freezing reduces the number of dice I can use by 2. Does that apply to card effects that provide rerolls as well?

No. Freezing only affects the number of dice available to you, not how you manipulate them with various effects.

[CRD]060, [CRD]061 - Show questions

If I have Inner Peace or Inner Fire status and change the tested skill (for example, Power of Mind [CRD_KER]000) and thus have to discard the card during the check, do I still get 1[SCC]?

Yes. You can use card effects before or after rolling and rerolling. Therefore, if you can or must use multiple effects on the same card during a skill check, you choose the order.

[CRD]112, [CRD]113, [CRD]114, [CRD]139 - Show questions

Kharimia's Vacation quest cards have specific spaces marked on them. If I move directly from one to another (for example via Docks), do I have to abandon the quest and return Kharimia [CRD]280 to the library [LBR]?

No. As long as your adventurer figure moves from one of the marked spaces to another, Kharimia [CRD]280 stays with you.

Do I have to abandon Kharimia's Vacation quest and return Kharimia [CRD]280 to the library [LBR] during save [SV]?

No. Just make sure to start the next game in a location marked on the quest card or you do have to abandon the quest and return Kharimia [CRD]280 to the library [LBR].

[CRD]276 - Show questions

If I have an Exhausted status and use the Underground tunnels to transport between two hill spaces while not moving outside of that, can I discard the Exhausted status?

Yes. Exhausted status states that you may discard it if you did not move. Underground Tunnels specifically transports your figure, instead of moving.