Shared Nightmares 2024

A mini expansion for Peacemakers: Horrors of War

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Contents of the game 🇬🇧

FSC logo - Responsible forestry

Wood, cardboard, and paper in the game is made from recycled materials or sourced from responsibly grown forests.

All Snowdale games also include

  • Free spare parts to replace missing or damaged components
  • Colourblind-friendly components
  • Space for sleeved cards
  • Illustrations lovingly drawn by our artists
  • Support on Discord and BGG
Ages 14 & up
1 - 4 players
60 - 120 minutes

Want even more horrors? Get ten new unique horror cards in the Shared Nightmares mini expansion for Peacemakers: Horrors of War to increase variety even further.

Team behind Shared Nightmares

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Sami Laakso

Game designGame developmentGraphic designIllustration

This second version of my beloved peacemaking game has it all, including blood, sweat, and tears. Ours and the warring animalfolks'.

Ville Reinikainen

Game developmentStory writing

Much like the adventurers, we've worked together to bring you the best peacemaking experience we can. I think you'll enjoy what we have in store.

Jesús Delgado


I love to draw small details in my illustrations in order to build a rich world. Bringing all these pieces to life and making them unforgettable – that's something I leave for the player.

Jordan Lee MacCarthy

World building

I jumped at the chance to work with Sami and the Snowdale team again. It was a real treat designing the new cute animalfolk cultures who are determined to wipe each other out.

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