Dale of Merchants – Tournament rules

Official rules used in tournament play (version 0.1)

These rules regard only playing the actual matches. The tournament type is up to the party organising the tournament at least for now. We recommend that no one is dropped after their first loss.

The tournament setup is easiest to handle with a deck selection cards. There’s one deck selection card for each animalfolk deck in the tournament. See more information in the glossary, found lower on this page (deck selection card).

Tournament rules


See below for rules that differ from the regular rules. Follow the regular rules from all parts not changed. Rules can be downloaded from the games’ pages (Dale of Merchants, Dale of Merchants 2, Dale of Merchants 3, Dale of Merchants Collection).

  1. Randomise the player turn order. You can use cards or dice to do this for example.
  2. Ban phase
    • In turn order, each player chooses one deck and removes it from the game.
    • If there is not enough decks for bans in the tournament, skip this phase and continue to the pick phase.
  3. Pick phase
    • In turn order, each player chooses one deck to include in the game.
    • Finally, randomise one deck from the remaining ones to include in the game.
  4. Give players gold from the bank based on their turn order.
    • 1st player, 0 gold
    • 2nd player, 1 gold
    • 3rd player, 2 gold
    • 4th player, 3 gold

Tournament rules


There are no special rules during the game. See more information from the glossary below (coin).


Terms used in the rules

Animalfolk deck

Each animalfolk deck consists of 15 cards. You can use any decks in a tournament. We recommend using decks from at least 2 different games.

Deck selection card

Deck selection cards for all animalfolk decks released so far come in Dale of Merchants Collection. If you do not own these, you can use cards valued 1 from the animalfolk decks as substitutes.


Gold coins come with Dale of Merchants Collection. You can use any suitable objects as substitutes. Gold can be used to purchase new cards from the market and to pay for the costs of the spend and finish keywords. A single gold coin is worth 1. Acquired gold remains in your possession from turn to turn until you use. You cannot gain more gold if you’re not playing with Tuataras from Dale of Merchants Collection.


Organising and sponsoring

We recommend to have a small price for each tournament participant and something larger for the winner. The tournament organiser is responsible for prizes but Snowdale Design can also take part in sponsoring larger tournaments. You can contact us at info@snowdaledesign.fi.