Peacemakers: Horrors of War 2024

Co-operate and stop conflicts between warring nations

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Contents of the game 🇬🇧

  • 300 cards
  • 2 large map books
  • 31 custom wooden meeples
  • 12 custom rubber bases
  • 30 wooden cubes
  • 30 wooden discs
  • 1 custom twelve-sided die
  • 3 glass beads
  • 1 handy insert
  • 1 welcome letter
  • 1 scenario log
  • 1 detailed rulebook
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All wood used for the game is either made from recycled materials or sourced from responsibly grown forests.

All Snowdale games also include

  • Free replacement parts
  • Colourblind-friendly components
  • Inserts that fit sleeved cards
  • Live support on Discord and BGG
Ages 14 & up
1 - 4 players
60 - 120 minutes

Peacemakers: Horrors of War is a thematic co-operative board game where you attempt to bring peace. The game can be played with up to 4 players, including solo. As an adventurer, you try to stop armed conflicts between animalfolk nations. Do your best to avoid the horrors a destructive war would inflict.

The armies in the game act independently, so you cannot control them directly. Instead, you get multi-use resource cards, which you can use to thwart their plans. You only get a few new cards each round, so you have to figure out when and how to make the best use of them.

Bring peace together: Armies fight each other while you try to stop them. Work together using your limited resources to find a way towards peace.

6 replayable scenarios: Packed with high replay value and optional challenges, each scenario offers a new experience every time you play it. Different scenarios are as varied as the colourful animalfolks waging war in them.

Easy to get on the table: The scenarios can be played in any order, with the same or different players. The speedy setup and teardown means the only hard part is winning.

Ongoing crowdfunding campaign

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The game’s crowdfunding campaign launched in August 2023 on Gamefound, and the campaign page is now live. We hope to see you there!

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History of Peacemakers

A new era of peacemaking

Peacemakers: Horrors of War is an evolution of one of our previous games, Dawn of Peacemakers, released back in 2018. That and our later games have taught us a lot, and we’ve put that insight into making this new game full of improvements for both new and returning players.

Here are some of the big changes:

  • Stronger emphasis on theme allows you to fully become a force for peace.
  • Characters have unique strengths which bring a new dimension to the gameplay.
  • Faster setup and being able to play with different groups make the game easier to get on the table.
  • Streamlined rules are easier to learn, teach, and remember, without sacrificing any gameplay depth.
  • Individual scenarios instead of a campaign provide more flexibility and varied experiences.
  • New horror cards encourage protecting everyone, as otherwise the horrors can lead to your ruin.