Dale of Merchants 2

More decks, more variety, more fun!

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Contents of the game

  • 6 animal decks with 15 cards in each
  • 20 junk cards
  • Market game board
  • Custom die
  • Detailed rulebook

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Ages 10 & up
2 - 4 players
20 - 40 minutes

Dale of Merchants 2 is a standalone game. It contains 6 brand new decks and can be played by itself or combined with the decks from the original Dale of Merchants.

There’s also a new ruleset for 4 players introducing a team battle! These new rules greatly enhance the 4 player experience by adding cooperation between team mates and cutting down downtime. They can even be used with the original game’s 6 decks.

Snowdale Design cooperated with Club Fantasci and collected funds to bring Dale of Merchants 2 to life with Kickstarter in May of 2016. The game is launched in October of 2016 and is up for purchase.

The game has also been published in Polish and Chinese and is available from local retailers.

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