Lands of Galzyr

Story rich adventuring in an open world

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Contents of the game

  • 400+ cards
  • 2 card trays
  • 1 double-sided game board
  • 4 custom adventurer figures
  • 4 adventurer boards
  • 48 skill marks
  • 17 custom dice
  • And more!
Ages 14 & up
1 - 4 players
60 - 120 minutes

Lands of Galzyr is an adventure board game where players, as cunning and ambitious adventurers, explore the lands, take on challenging quests, and try to increase their prestige in the open, story rich Galzyr. The players’ actions have long-lasting consequences, as their decisions in the evolving and persistent game world affect not only the current game, but the following games as well.

Each game of Lands of Galzyr picks up where the previous one left off thanks to a clever save and load mechanism. The game records and remembers everything relevant, so there is no need for manual bookkeeping. You can play the game as many times as you want and experience your own unique adventure!

Lands of Galzyr is set in Daimyria, the same world as both the Dale of Merchants series and Dawn of Peacemakers. Fans of those games may encounter some familiar faces and animalfolks during their adventures.

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