Lands of Galzyr

Story rich adventuring in an open world

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Contents of the game

  • 480 cards
  • 14 card dividers
  • 2 card trays
  • 1 component tray
  • 1 double-sided game board
  • 4 custom adventurer meeples
  • 4 adventurer boards
  • 48 skill marks
  • 17 custom dice
  • 1 twelve-sided die
  • 57 various tokens
  • 1 travel guide
  • 1 welcoming letter
  • 1 achievement sheet
  • 1 detailed rulebook

All Snowdale games also include

  • Free replacement parts
  • Colourblind-friendly components
  • Inserts that fit sleeved cards
  • Live support on Discord and BGG

Learn to play

Ages 14 & up
1 - 4 players
60 - 150 minutes

Late pledges are open!

Lands of Galzyr is an adventure board game set in an open, story rich world. Acquire prestige as a cunning and ambitious adventurer by exploring the lands and by taking on challenging quests. Your actions have long-lasting consequences in the evolving and persistent game world. Your decisions affect not only the current game, but the following games as well.

Each game of Lands of Galzyr picks up where the previous one left off thanks to a clever save and load mechanism. The game records and remembers everything relevant, so there is no need for manual bookkeeping. You can play the game as many times as you want and experience your own unique adventure!

Despite that, you don’t need the same group each time as Lands of Galzyr is a continuous adventure you can play as many times as you want rather than a set campaign. The game supports 1 to 4 players and can be played both competitively and co-operatively.

Digital Book of Adventures

Lands of Galzyr utilises a digital storybook which you can access with an internet browser. You can use the book online or alternatively download and use it offline.

Ease of use: Compared to a printed storybook, our digital adaptation is faster and comes with many handy features. This significantly cuts down the time wasted on finding the right page or paragraph.

Spoiler free: The storybook only shows you the parts you should see at any given moment, preventing you from accidentally spoiling any upcoming surprises.

Updates: We are able to update the storybook even after release to fine-tune the story entries based on your feedback or to add additional polish.

We commit to keeping the digital storybook online for as long as possible and promise to release it as open source software if we ever find ourselves unable to continue hosting it anymore. You can enjoy your copy till the end of time.

Lands of Galzyr is set in Daimyria, the same world as both the Dale of Merchants series and Dawn of Peacemakers. Fans of those games may encounter some familiar faces and animalfolks during their adventures.

Team behind Lands of Galzyr

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Sami Laakso

Game designIllustrationGraphic designStory writing

Being totally immersed in a new and exciting world is something that you don't easily forget. I hope you can experience that in Galzyr.

Seppo Kuukasjärvi

Game DesignWorld buildingStory writing

We're ambitious with Lands of Galzyr, combining adventure stories with meaningful choices in a persistent world. Many player actions have lasting consequences.

Jesús Delgado


I love to draw small details in my illustrations in order to build a rich world. Bringing all these pieces to life and making them unforgettable – that's something I leave for the player.

Ville Reinikainen

Story writing

Lands of Galzyr is multiple times larger than any of our previous projects. You could say that bringing the world to life has already been an adventure in itself.

Jordan-Lee MacCarthy

Story writing

Having been a professional fiction writer for a decade, this is my first board game gig. A challenging and eccentric experience, but one I am pleased to be a part of.

Calvin Wong Tze Loon 黃子倫

Story writing

I've been writing and playing games my entire life. I love cyberpunk, cute animals, spaceships, and spaceships piloted by cute cyberpunk animals.

Aro Laaksonen

Story writing

I'm fascinated by the elevating effect that storytelling can have on a game. My goal is to inject life, personality and a bit of humour into the characters and the world.

Joash Kari


Whether you're getting lost in the woods, discovering an ancient ruin, or watching the sun set on the far-off horizon, music can capture every thought and feeling.

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