Review copy policy

Guidelines for content creators

Thank you for your interest in our games. Please read the following guidelines and requirements.

  • Do you think you would like the game? We don’t expect every review of our games to be a positive one, but it doesn’t make sense for us to provide a review copy at our expense if you’re likely to dislike the game.
  • How long have you been producing content? If your show is just a few months old, keep creating content and contact us later on.
  • Do you have a sizeable following? It is costly for us to send free games to content creators. If you only have a handful of subscribers, followers etc., it is hard for us to justify the cost of sending a game to you. In general, we don’t provide review copies to content creators who post their content exclusively to Instagram.
  • Have you requested review copies from us before? If you have, please make sure you have covered those before asking for more. We won’t send games to content creators who have received free copies in the past and haven’t covered them yet.


What we ask of you

  • You must post substantial content about the game within 2 months of receiving it.
  • Inform us via email at when your content is up. That way we can see your content as well as share it via social media.
  • We would highly appreciate if you could note on the content that our games can be purchased from our online shop in addition to selected retailers.

Request a review copy