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Welcome to our little corner of the internet. Feel free to join the community to ask questions, share your fan content, or simply hang around with people with an equally great taste in board games!


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Discord is an online service for text and voice chatting which can be accessed via a web browser and the mobile and desktop applications. We have set up our own Discord server for all things related to our games. Discussion about other topics, such as other games, is of course also welcome. The server is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Feel free to join the community and chat with a friendly group of people!

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BoardGameGeek is a website where you can find all kinds of board game content, both official and fan-made. Each of our games has its own page where you can find photos, videos, discussions, reviews, variant rules, custom scenarios, and many other kinds of content.


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You can also find Sami over Twitter @SnowdaleDesign. You’re more than welcome to tag him along for a conversation, photos, and more.