Lands of Galzyr: Playmat + Bag

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Lands of Galzyr: Playmat + Bag

24,95 ~ 26,70 USDEstimated exchange rates. The exact amount will depend on your payment provider.
~ 36,70 CAD
~ 21,10 GBP
~ 40,40 AUD
~ 281,20 SEK
~ 285,20 NOK

High-quality double-sided playmat with premium stitching around the edges. Comes with a storage bag made from sturdy canvas fabric which has a custom Lands of Galzyr print. The bag has a string to hold the bag close and a carabiner clip for hanging.

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While the game box doesn’t have space to hold the huge playmat, a premium canvas bag is included for easy storage.

Additional information

Weight 420 g
Dimensions 540 × 60 × 60 mm

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