Peacemakers return


Our next game, Peacemakers: Horrors of War, is coming! In this thematic co-operative board game for 1 to 4 players, you try to bring peace by stopping armed conflicts between animalfolk nations.

The game comes with 6 unique scenarios, each one featuring different armies, units, terrain, optional challenges, and more! We’ve put a lot of care into making the game easy to get on the table, meaning the setup and teardown are fast, and the scenarios can be played in any order with the same or different groups.

Peacemakers: Horrors of War is an evolution of our previous game, Dawn of Peacemakers, released back in 2018. That and our later games have taught us a lot, and we’ve put that insight into making this new game full of improvements for both new and returning players.

Here are some of the big changes:

  • Stronger emphasis on theme allows you to fully become a force for peace.
  • Characters have unique strengths which bring a new dimension to the gameplay.
  • Faster setup and being able to play with different groups make the game easier to get on the table.
  • Streamlined rules are easier to learn, teach, and remember, without sacrificing any gameplay depth.
  • Individual scenarios instead of a campaign provide more flexibility and varied experiences.
  • New horror cards encourage protecting everyone, as otherwise the horrors can lead to your ruin.

The game’s crowdfunding campaign will launch in August this year on Gamefound, and the preview page is now live. We hope to see you there!

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