US ONLY – Dawn of Peacemakers: Miniature Pack

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US ONLY – Dawn of Peacemakers: Miniature Pack

19,95 ~ 21,60 USDEstimated exchange rates. The exact amount will depend on your payment provider.
~ 29,60 CAD
~ 17,00 GBP
~ 32,70 AUD
~ 230,70 SEK
~ 229,30 NOK

We have these packs left only in our US warehouse. These can only be shipped to the US and CA.

This includes full set of 30+ miniatures and their custom bases from the game Dawn of Peacemakers. Click here to see all miniatures included in this set.

All of these are already included in the base game and this pack is intended for those who want just the miniatures for use outside the game.

Read more about Dawn of Peacemakers

Only 13 left in stock

Additional information

Weight 155 g
Dimensions 147 × 90 × 59 mm

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