Dawn of Peacemakers – FAQ & errata

This page displays answers to frequently asked questions about Dawn of Peacemakers. Questions regarding individual scenarios may contain spoilers and are hidden under a button. Questions about game mechanics introduced during the campaign are listed under the scenario they are introduced in.

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Campaign questions

Q: Can the evasive scarlet macaw ploy card move units farther from all enemy units?
A: Yes. This overrides the rule about not moving units if that wouldn’t result in units moving closer to at least one enemy unit.

Q: During an influence action or while resolving a scheme, I drew a task card for a group that has no units left on the board. What do I do?
A: Immediately remove the drawn card from play and draw a new card from the same deck. Influence or schemes are never wasted on task cards which refer to groups without units on the board.

Scenario 1 – No questions yet

Scenario 2 – No questions yet

Scenario 3 – No questions yet

Scenario 4 – Show questions

Q: Will the game end if a game end condition (win or lose) is met and my personal/co-op agenda isn’t fulfilled yet?
A: Yes. Game ends whenever at least one game end condition is met. If your agenda isn’t fully met, the game is counted as a loss for you no matter what game end condition was met.

Scenario 5 – No questions yet

Scenario 6 – No questions yet

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Skirmish questions

There are no questions yet for skirmish.


There has been found a few minor errors in the first printing copies of Dawn of Peacemakers. You can check the version of your game by looking at the letters right next to the barcode on the back of the box. First printing reads “SWG180501“.

Campaign booklet page 6 – Show errata

There are 3 macaw soldiers with circular insignia bases. The bottommost should have star shaped insignia base just like in the illustration on page 7.

Campaign booklet page 23 – Show errata

Fortresses provide the side with units on them 2 motivation, not 1. This is correct everywhere else where the rules speak about fortresses and reminded by two motivation symbols on the tile itself.

Campaign booklet page 35 – Show errata

If Chieftain Khunawa has been defeated, the ocelot archer in the circle group should be removed. There are no ocelot archers in the gear group. Also, circular yellow task cards should be removed, not gear task cards.