Playmats available


We have added 2 player playmats for Dale of Merchants to our online store by popular demand. There are 6 different designs available with all animalfolk characters from both Dale of Merchants games.

Each playmat has dedicated spaces for player decks, discard piles, and stalls for 2 players in addition to market deck, the market and junk pile. You can decide to place the market board on top of the mat or play without one. The mat has spots and additional values for the cards in the market too.

While the playmats are designed specifically for 2 players, you can definitely use them with 3 or 4 too. Some players would simply not have dedicated spots for their cards.

UPDATE: The 2 player playmats have since been discontinued and replaced with 1 player playmats. Now you can easily organise your play areas, no matter if you’re playing with 2, 3, or 4 players!

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