Dale of Merchants – Update pack

Refined card effects

A small number of cards in the Dale of Merchants series can create gameplay issues when combined with the new mechanics introduced in Dale of Merchants Collection. To address this, the cards in question have received slight tweaks which will be in effect for every new print run of the games going forward. For the owners of older versions of the games, we’ve made a free update pack which includes a full set of the changed cards and also a few cards that have had their card text reworded or clarified.

Game versions affected

How to know if you need the update pack?

Any Dale of Merchants games printed in 2019 or later will include the updated cards by default. Games older than that have the original cards and their version numbers are listed below. You can find the version number of your game at the back of the game box near the bar code (or on the card with the bar code in case of the Beaver expansion).

Dale of Merchants versions affected

  • SWG150101
  • SWG160102
  • SWG170103

Dale of Merchants 2 versions affected

  • SWG160201
  • SWG170202

Systematic Eurasian Beavers mini expansion version affected

  • SWG160301

If you own one or more games with the old versions of the cards, you can order the update pack from our online store. The pack itself is free so you can purchase it by paying only for the shipping. Alternatively, you can add the pack to your order while you purchase something else. Please note that while the update pack is always beneficial, it isn’t absolutely needed unless you plan to combine your game with Dale of Merchants Collection.

Updated cards

Cards included in the update pack, sorted by game

Dale of Merchants

  • Dealing Giant Pandas
    • 3 – Essential Purchase
      When you purchase this card, you may throw away up to 3 junk cards used in the purchase.
  • Thieving Northern Raccoons
    • 2 – Nuisance
      Discard 1 random card from up to 2 other players’ hands.
  • Hoarding Flying Squirrels
    • 3 – Nostalgic Item
      When you build a stack with this card, you may include one junk card or animalfolk card from any set from your discard pile.
    • 4 – Acorn
      Swap this card with any card from a stack in an opponent’s stall. Place the new card into your hand.
  • Lucky Ocelots
    • 5 – Blindfold
      Choose a card from your hand. If an opponent you choose guesses the card’s value, discard it. Otherwise you decide its value (1 – 5) for this turn.

Dale of Merchants 2

  • Diligent Pale-throated Sloths
    • 3 – Housecleaning
      Search your discard pile for up to 3 junk cards and place them into your hand. At the start of your next turn, you may throw away 1 card from your hand.
  • Intimidating Dwarf Crocodiles
    • 1 – Little Villain
      All opponents discard 2 cards from their decks one by one.
    • 2 – Scary Gunfight
      When opponents purchase cards, the cards in the market get a +2 to their price until the start of your next turn.
    • 5 – Nasty Threat
      When opponents build new stacks, their value is required to be +1 until the start of your next turn.
    • 5 – Lost Shipments
      All opponents can only draw up to 1 card while filling their hands until the start of your next turn.
  • Observant Snowy Owls
    • 5 – Balancing
      After another player shuffles their deck, you may swap an animalfolk card from your hand with any card in your discard pile.

Systematic Eurasian Beavers mini expansion

  • Systematic Eurasian Beavers
    • 5 – Practice
      Next time you would discard a fully resolved technique card, you may place it into your hand.

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