Dale of Merchants 3

Six new animalfolk decks with new tricks

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Contents of the game

  • 6 animalfolk decks, 15 cards per deck
  • 20 junk cards
  • 1 double-sided market game board
  • 1 custom wooden die
  • 1 detailed rulebook

All Snowdale games also include

  • Free replacement parts
  • Colourblind-friendly components
  • Inserts that fit sleeved cards
  • Live support on Discord and BGG

Learn to play

Ages 10 & up
2 - 4 players
20 - 40 minutes

Dale of Merchants 3 is a stand-alone game which introduces 6 new animalfolk decks. It can be played by itself. However, it is even better when combined with other games from the Dale of Merchants series.

Each deck is themed around different animalfolks with a different gameplay focus and mechanics. For example, Sharing Short-beaked Echidnas borrow cards from other players while Prepared Grizzled Tree-kangaroos are good at protecting their own valuables.

Dale of Merchants 3 has been released in multiple languages. The list of languages can be found from the series page.

Games in the Dale of Merchants series

Dale of Merchants (2015)

The first game in the series, which put an innovative spin on the deck building genre.

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Dale of Merchants 2 (2016)

A stand-alone sequel introducing six new animalfolk decks to the series.

Read more Add to cart19,95 €

Dale of Merchants 3 (2020)

A stand-alone sequel with yet another six new animalfolk decks with new tricks.

Read more Add to cart19,95 €

Dale of Merchants Collection (2019)

New decks, new gameplay features, and a larger box for storing all content in the series.

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Dale of Merchants: Beaver expansion (2016)

A single deck mini expansion featuring the Systematic Eurasian Beavers.

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We have bundle pricing available if you’re interested in purchasing the whole series!

Every Dale of Merchants game, except the Beaver expansion, is a stand-alone product and a good starting point to the series. They do not require the earlier games in order to be playable. However, all games in the series are fully compatible with each other. Decks and other elements can be freely combined across the games for increased gameplay depth and variability.


Enhance your playing experience

Premium custom sleeves

Protect your cards with style! The sleeves feature custom print and anti-glare matte finish.

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Playmat for one player

Upgrade your game. Huge selection of animalfolks available.

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Playmat bag

Store your playmats in a handy bag made from sturdy canvas fabric.

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Update pack (2019)

Order updated cards if you own a Dale of Merchants game printed before 2019.

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Team behind Dale of Merchants 3

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Sami Laakso

Game designIllustrationsGraphic design

My main design goal with Dale of Merchants was to create a simple yet deep deck building game which could be adapted to suit your or your game groups' preferences.

Seppo Kuukasjärvi

Development assistance

We want all games in the Dale of Merchants series to share a similar feel. What to include in illustrations and in flavour texts play a large role in achieving this.

Jesús Delgado


I love to draw small details in my illustrations in order to build a rich world. Bringing all these pieces to life and making them unforgettable – that's something I leave for the player.

Talvikki Eskelinen

World building

I see games as an art form. Much like a movie or an oil painting, a game can rise beyond mere pastime, encompassing whole worlds and evoking thoughts and emotions.

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